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Family History Research in Surrey and Sussex

Have you ever thought about your family ancestry and never got round to finding out?


Family Insight can resolve this question, and many more, for clients in the local counties of Surrey and Sussex. I can also undertake family history research in other areas.


Most of us know about our grandparents but would you like to discover further back? My name is Brian Stronell and I can undertake

family tree research that can discover a fascinating and interesting story about your family.

Questions can be answered like:


  • What did my ancestors do for a living?
  • Were they working class?
  • Were they skilled craftsmen?
  • Where did they originate from? It is surprising how this can vary. Some families have been in Surrey or Sussex for generations whilst others moved hundreds of miles (even in Victorian times)
  • Are some of the skills I have passed down through the generations?
  • How many children did my ancestors have and what happened to them and their descendants



I will utilise all records available as part of my family history research. This includes birth, death and marriage records, census records, parish records and many other sources too numerous to list here. I can photograph churches, gravestones and any other relevant items by visiting specific locations in Surrey, Surrey and all surrounding areas


  • The assignment can be undertaken in many ways:
  • You may just wish to follow your father’s line and the origins of your surname
  • You may wish to find the details of your 8 great-grandparents or even your 16 great-great grandparents
  • You may want to know what happened to many of your cousins and maybe even try to contact some of them
  • There may be a story in the family that you would like to know more about


I offer a fixed price service for providing basic information. Additional ancestry research services are available for all clients in the Surrey and Sussex areas who require them. I can also undertake your probate research requirements if you are trying to locate missing or unknown beneficiaries to an estate.


As some of these family tree research projects can be almost endless, a scope of work is agreed at the first meeting and a budget is set so you do not overcommit yourselves. When this has been exhausted, a report will be made showing the results and a family tree as far as I have discovered. I will also provide suggestions as to what further research can be carried out. It is then up to yourself as to whether we continue and again, a further budget can be agreed for further ancestry or probate research.


I am based in Horley, a convenient location on the Surrey and Sussex borders. I am fully registered under the Data Protection Act and a member of the Society of Genealogists.

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